Thursday, 27 September 2012

Nasi tumpeng

Nasi tumpeng is a rice dish that is shaped into a cone and serves with some vegetables and meat dishes. The rice can be white rice or yellow rice (turmeric flavoured and coloured rice). A big nasi tumpeng served on a tampah (round bamboo platter), surrounded and decorated nicely with vegetables and meat dishes.

In java, we usually make a nasi tumpeng when we celebrate something special. It is present on birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, or any traditional ceremonies. It is also present when we are happy or grateful about something and want to say thanks about that, or we called it tasyakuran or slametan.

The nasi tumpeng in this foto were made for tasyakuran after my husband finished his study and our family savely back home to our lovely country, Indonesia, again. There were 2 big nasi tumpeng, one was white rice and the other was yellow rice. Do you see something in the blue bowl? It was ayam ingkung, chicken that is cooked in a whole or uncut at all.

After one of my husband's friend gave a little speech and pray, my husband cut the top of the nasi tumpeng and gave it to his friend, Mr FX Sugiyanto. Then, all of us enjoy the nasi tumpeng together.

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