Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Purple Sweet Potato and Pumpkin Steamed Cake

I missed many baking/cooking events during my absence. One of them is masak bareng yuuk with ubi theme. I made this purple sweet potato cake with pumpkin layer on its top for that event but I didn't have time to post it. I am so sorry Masbar. Though that this cake was not a perfect succesful cake, I like the picture, so I kept post it, okey... 

As I said before, this cake had purple sweet potato on the bottom layer and pumpkin on the top one. The recipe stated that both ingredients have to be blended with 50 ml milk each. That made them, especially the pumpkin, watery. Then when they were incorporated in the cake batter, the batter became thin. I already hesitate when I saw it but the show must go on, right? So, I kept continue the process and ... this was it, a not really beautiful cake, dense though still tasted good. The second problem was my baking tin was too small. Only half of the pumpkin batter could fit in. That's why, the pumpkin layer was thinner than the purple sweet potato one. 

Perhaps then, I think that we have to see the quality of our sweet potato and pumpkin before adding the milk. We can just try to use a fork instead of a blender. If we get a perfect smooth mash, we can reduce or even omit the milk.


3 large eggs
150 gr caster sugar (I used only 100 gr)
pinch of salt
100 gr plain flour (I used rice flour)
1 tbs oil (or melted butter if you like)
200 gr mashed purple sweet potato
200 gr mashed pumpkin
100 ml milk


Blend mashed sweet potato with 50 ml milk. Pour on a big bowl.
Blend mashed pumpkin with another 50 ml milk.Pour to another big bowl.
Prepare the steamer. Grease and line a baking tin with baking paper and grease again.
Beat eggs and sugar until thick and pale. Off the mixer.
Add in the flour while sifting in 3 batches. Using a spatula, mix carefully until well blended.
Fold in the oil slowly until well blended
Divide the batter into 2, half to a bowl of sweet potato and half to the bowl of pumpkin. Fold slowly until well blended. 
Pour the sweet potato batter into the pan. Steam for 20 minutes. 
Remove the tin from steamer and pour the mashed pumpkin batter on top of it and steam again 35 minutes.

Source: Tabloid Saji


  1. suseeh bgt nih si amang sayur bawa ubi ungu sm labu:(
    jadinya gak bs b'kreasi dr kedua bhn itu...

    1. Wah, sayang ya mba susah dapetnya, padahal enak lho...

  2. klo di jepang sini labu kuning (kabocha) banyaak, tapi entah knp sejak hamil jadi krg doyan....akhirnya jarang beli :(
    klo ubi ungu disini susaah dapetnya...ga pernah nemu :((((

    1. kabocha bagus lho Ummu utk bumil dan baby, ayo dicoba lagi ... dikit2 juga ga papa yang penting masuk biar baby nya entar juga suka... :)