Monday, 5 August 2013

Kolak Pisang Nangka

Ramadan is almost over, my dear friends. I haven't posted anything about foods for iftor as I planned since the beginning. Didn't I make anything for iftor? Mmmm...let me remember...

At the second day of Ramadan, I wanted to make bubur biji salak.  After I finished rolling the biji salak ball, I had to go somewhere for... let say... for something. I left the biji salak on the kitchen table. When I arrived home, biji salak was already in the pan, on the stove, cooked very well. Very well? Yup, my housemaid had initiative to continue my work.

"The sagoo flour was not enough, Ma" She said. She called me Mama, just like my children.
"What for is the flour?" I asked.
"The bubur. It's only 2 tbs left. Then I took another from the cupboard, the mocaf flour. It said tapioca on the wrapping. I though it was the same with sagoo flour" She said.

I directly went to the stove and opened the lid. Oh dear God, she mixed up between bubur biji salak and bubur candil. It was so thick and mushy. I couldn't see the balls.

"The balls were broken when I stirred it" She added.

Ah, I couldn't say anything... It was not bubur biji salak nor bubur candil... Of course, my children did not want to eat it. Who did anyway?

At the third and some days after, I just made some cold drinks, like melon and selasih ice, blewah ice, et cetera. I still felt sorry for that bubur. It really killed my mood for other traditional snacks :(  I made those ice in the evening, just some minutes before maghrib. So, I couldn't take any pictures. So sorry I couldn't share them with you.

Last week, it was my turn to participate in preparing the snacks for tadarusan at the masjid near my house. Finally, I served kolak pisang for the first and last time this Ramadhan. I added jackfruit for the aroma. 

Kolak Pisang Nangka
My housemaid recipe


2 cups water
200 gr palm sugar
2 tbs sugar
1/2 tsp salt
2 pandan leaves
2 cups coconut milk
15 saba bananas
10 jack fruits


Boil palm sugar, sugar and salt in the water until the sugar dissolved. Remove from the heat and strain.
Heat again the sugar water. Pour the coconut milk. Keep stirring over low heat. When it start to boil, add the bananas.
Keep stirring until it boils and the bananas cooked through. Add the jackfruits.
Remove from the heat.

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