Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Brownies Kukus Kacang Hijau Mocaf

I was really very happy with this steamed brownies. It just looked like any other steamed cake, I knew, but it was really a special one to me. Why, this was my first experience using mocaf flour as wheat flour substitute. Mocaf or modified cassava flour is flour made of cassava that are already modified using biological process. Many experiments showed that mocaf can replace the use of wheat flour until 100% in brownies, steamed cake and sponge cake. My blogger friends had already tried using this flour and they said that the cake using mocaf flour is as good as one with wheat flour. So, better late than never, right? I decided to buy mocaf flour and had it a go.  

Besides, this cake had mung bean in it. Just the same as roti kacang hijau I posted before, I used some leftover mung bean porridge. I used the bean only, leaved out the water, and mashed it in a blender until fine. If you do not have any leftover then soak mung bean for 1 hour minimal, cook them then mashed them.

Then, as usual, I didn't use any emulsifiers or baking powder and soda. I merely rely on beating the eggs and sugar for a loooong time until really really thick and white. Some people use condensed milk as an emulsifier substitute. Some put the bowl in the hot water while beating the eggs and sugar. And some others soak the eggs in warm water prior to beating. I think all of them can help, making the eggs and sugar thicken easier, faster and become more stable.

I was so amazed that with mocaf and mung beans minus emulsifiers and baking powder/soda in it, this cake still turned out really good. It was still fluffy and nice. The taste was so good. We could hardly notice the mung bean and mocaf taste, completely covered by the the chocolate.

Please go to sajian sedap for the original recipe, because I only made about 3/4 of it. And because I didn't have dark cooking chocolate in hand, I replaced it with milk cooking chocolate. I bet this cake will be more beautifully dark and tasty with dark cooking chocolate. I really want to make it again someday.


4 eggs (me: 3 eggs)

120 gr sugar (me: 75 gr)
1 tsp emulsifier (me: omitted)
75 gr plain flour (me: 60 gr mocaf flour)
20 gr cocoa powder
25 gr margarine, melted
1/4 tsp salt
75 gr dark cooking chocolate, melted (me: milk chocolate)
50 gr mung bean, cooked and blended with 50 ml coconut milk from 1/2 coconut to be 150 gr (me: 150 gr leftover mung bean porridge, bean only, mashed)

For the topping

100 gr dark cooking chocolate, melted
25 gr milk cooking chocolate, melted


Heat a steamer. Cover the lid with a cloth to prevent the water from the steam down to the cake. 
Shift together flour and cocoa. Set aside. Mix melted margarine, dcc and mung bean. Set aside. 
Beat sugar, eggs and emulsifier (if using) until white and thick. 
Fold in the flour mixture carefully. Fold in the mung bean mixture carefully.
Pour it to a 20 x 20 cm greased and lined baking pan (I used 18 x 18 cm). 
Steam on medium high until done. 
When the cake is already cool, cut it rectangle or square.
 Dip it in melted dcc. Drizzle the milk cooking chocolate. 

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