Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Donattelo (Purple sweet potato doughnut)

My children are huge fans of donut. They love donut with all kinds of toppings and fillings. Realizing that donut is not an ideal food to eat, I always refuse to make it. But last sunday, I was no longer able to ignore their cravings... At least, homemade is better, right? because it is a heartmade!

150 ml cold water
1 egg (I used 2 egg yolks)
30 gr margarine
150 gr purple sweet potato, steamed and mashed
300 gr bread flour (I used 350 gr or a bit more if the dough seemed too sticky)
15 gr milk powder
1 tsp salt
35 gr sugar
6 gr instant yeast
oil for frying
150 gr white cooking chocolate and coffee for toppings (sugar for coating)

  • Place The ingredients in the above order into the bread bucket of breadmachine. Select the dough menu and press start. Wait until the machine beeps.
  • Remove the dough to a floured table top. Punch the dough. Roll it out. Use a donut cutter to cut it out into rounds. Place them on a floured baking tin. Cover and let them rise until they are doubled in size.
  • Fry on medium heat until golden brown. Dust with sugar.

source: sajian sedap


  1. Purple sweet potatoes? That was why it is light purple. Sooooooooo cute.

    1. Thanks dear... and sweet potatoes make this doughnut healthier. Enjoy!