Saturday, 4 August 2012

it is the pandan paste!

When I back home last December, after lived in Perth for 2 years, I found that most of my herbs plant were gone. I could not see my chillies, basil leaves, turmeric, ginger, keffir lime, aloe vera and also my pandan leaves plants. Only galangal was safe.
So, I have to start it all over again. Now, I have already planted ginger, turmeric and pandan leaves. Hope they will grow soon. Especially the pandan leaves. You know that I like to make snacks for my family and I really like to use fresh pandan leaves instead of pandan paste.
While waiting for them to grow, I then buy pandan leaves at the market. I usually wrap it with  a piece of paper and store it in the fridge. But last week I think I bought the pandan leaves too much. Before it wilted, I then cut it thinly using scissors and blend it with a cup of water in the blender. I squized it and stored the pandan water in the jar and kept it in the fridge.
After some days, the pandan water looked like that in the picture above. The green thingy sunk to the bottom and the water became clear. What happened?
I then, as usual, googled to find the answer... and I found it in my friend's blog hesti's kitchen who got from table for 2 ... or more ... it is the pandan paste!
Hurray.... I was so happy to know that. Let's make something from this beauty homemade!

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