Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Keripik Tahu (Tofu chips)

Sometimes, having meal and snack is just not enough to satisfy us. We need something to crunch and munch between meal and or snack time. It's a nibble time... 

One of our favourite nibble is keripik tahu or tofu chips. It is thin tofu that is deep fried until crispy. It is so good, light and crunchy... You just can't stop crunching until they're all gone...^^

Although that I can easily find the tofu chips in the market, this time I tried to make it myself. I used tahu pong, a kind of tofu that has hollow inside. We need the skin only, reserve the flesh for other recipes.


Tahu pong
plain flour mix with rice flour in the ratio of 5 plain flour : 1 rice flour
Oil for frying

Spices to be ground together:
Coriander seeds, toasted
Salt, to taste


Cut diagonally the tofu.
Turn it inside out. Scoop out the flesh of the tofu, leaved only the skin.
Mix the ground spices with a little amount of water. 
Marinate the tofu skin in the spices. 
Dust the tofu with the flour mix. 
Fry on medium heat until golden brown.

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