Friday, 16 November 2012

Carrot and cheese steamed cake

Originally this cake is called putu ayu keju wortel. I found this recipe in Wied Harry's book '60 snack favorit bekal sekolah 3 bulan'. Putu ayu is an Indonesian traditional steamed cupcake with grated coconut on its top. That's way my daughter didn't want to call this cake putu ayu because there was no coconut there...the writer substituted the grated coconut with grated carrot, but still it was not the same. For her, this cake was just carrot and cheese steamed cake...a putu ayu should have coconut, she said...whatever! the most important thing to me is that she ate them all (I gave her 3 cakes) at recess time ^^ 

I do not have putu ayu mold. I am not interested to buy it because it is made of plastic. I don't know, I just feel that it is kind of not right to bake or steam a cake using a plastic mold. Then I buy aluminium mold in a flower shape to be used as a mold for putu ayu and other traditional snacks that need putu ayu mold.
Unluckily, there are only 6 pieces mold left in the store. How can I bake or steam a cake with only 6 molds? Well, after finished steaming 6 cakes then I poured the rest of the batter in 16 X 16 cm baking pan and steamed it...done! ^^

3 eggs
75 gr caster sugar
75 gr rice flour
50 gr carrot, peeled and grated 
25 gr cheddar cheese, grated
3 tbs coconut oil

Grease the putu ayu mold. Reserve 2 tbs of grated carrot for decoration.
Beat eggs and sugar until thick and pale. Off the mixer.
Add in the flour while sifting in 3 batches. Using a spatula, mix carefully until well blended.
Transfer a bit of the batter into a bowl. Fold in the oil slowly until well blended. Pour it back into the batter. 
Add in the grated carrot and cheese. Mix again slowly.
Sprinkle a bit of grated carrot in the mold. Spoon in the batter. Steam for 10 minutes.

I am submitting this post to aspiring bakers #25 about steaming hot cakes hosted by Miss B of everybody eats well in Flanders.


  1. What a great photo! The cheese and grated carrots make a great colour. ;)

  2. Your carrot cheese steamed cakes look very soft and fluffy, I like the orange colour :)
    I recently bought a set of plastic puteri ayu moulds, I have the same concern as you, I was afraid the plastic would melt at high heat, but they turn out fine after steaming.

    1. Indeed miss B, I still can't believe they are gluten free and without emulsifier/baking powder added, because they are sooo good :)
      My friends also said that the plastic molds are oke, well... I'll think about it then.