Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Gulai cubadak

I usually cook young jackfruit (or nangka in Bahasa Indonesia or cubadak in West Sumatra) for lodeh (coconut milk soup) or megono (young jackfruit steamed with grated coconut). But some days ago my friends Rosdaniar and Pepy suggested me to try it in gulai (cooked in curry-like sauce). Pepy has the recipe in her blog, Indonesiaeats. Iam happy to try her recipe because she used shrimp instead of beef. I am not a big fans of beef. So, if there is a choice, I prefer seafood than beef. This gulai was very good, perfect to eat with lontong. Thanks Pep ^^ (If you want the recipe please go to her blog).

Actually I made this for the idfb challenge 7. But before I posted this entry, some other friends already posted about this as well. So, what should I do now? Keep submitting this entry or try to cook another gulai/curry? 

Still 2 days to go...let's see what can I do...