Monday, 17 December 2012

100% peanut butter

One day, Rachel harvested peanuts at her school. She brought home a hand full and asked me, 
what can we do with peanuts? 
Well, we can roast it or fry it, then use it for peanuts sauce or peanuts cookies, I said.
Or for sprinkling the doughnut, she added. 
I nodded.
Or peanut butter, she said loudly.
She smiled.
I want it for peanut butter, mom...

I remembered when I lived in Perth I love to buy the Sanitarium's natural peanut butter. In the label it says 100% peanuts, nothing else. No added sugar, no added salt, no added oil, and no added any chemical ingredients. I love the taste, it is really the peanut taste, not too sweet or too salty like other peanut butter.  The texture is as good as the regular peanut butter, easy to spread but not too oily.
Based on that nice memory we made ours the same way as that of Sanitarium's, a 100 % peanut butter. I used shelled and skinned raw peanuts (not that peanuts from my daughter's school, it just not enough...^^). 

Here is the step:
First, roast the peanuts. I used pan roasting method. Put the peanuts in a wok on medium high. Stir well the peanuts, constantly and frequently until the peanuts turn golden brown. Some of them will slightly burn at their edges but that's OK. Remove from the heat and let them cool. 
Next, Put the peanuts in the food processor or chopper at blender. Grin until you get the consistency you like. Do stop one in a while and scrap down the peanuts. 
Last, Enjoy your tastier and healthier peanut butter!

My peanut butter was not as spreadable as Sanitarium's. I thought that maybe we used the different variant of peanuts. I guess there are many variants of peanuts and some of them are better for peanut butter than others. Maybe I just used the not so better one? Or maybe my chopper doesn't have enough power to grin the peanuts until the so smooth butter consistency?

At this stage, I think we can add a little oil and grin it again to get a more spreadable texture. But it will not be a 100% peanut butter anymore... ^^


  1. atau mungkin digerus pakai ulekan mbak...kan jadinya lbh halus, cuma mungkin rempong aja gt yah hihihi...
    *btw itu tangan siapa yang megang pu'un kacang:D

  2. hihi...kalo pake ulekan mah jadinya bumbu pecel ntar mba, bukan selai :)
    tangan anakku ituuu, masih pake seragam hbs pulang sekolah bawa kacang ^^

  3. huahaha bener juga...hihi...bisa2 klupaan di cemplungin cabe yak huahaha...

    ouh, kirain tangannya mbk anna pantesan imuutt:)

  4. Ooo how nice to have homemade peanut butter!

  5. liat fotonya jadi inget makan kacang rebus yang biasa diikat. Manis dan gurih...
    haduh mupeng nih mb anna