Saturday, 29 December 2012

Flaxseed bread

Actually, this bread was just the usual sweet bread. We could use whatever bread recipe or method we like. I only substituted 5% of the flour with flaxseed meal. So, if the amount of the flour in the recipe is 500 gr then I  use 25 gr flaxseed meal and 475 gr flour. 

I saw this cute octopus shape bread at home baking and just wanted to make it. You can see the clear instruction there. At first, I shaped the octopus with 4 tentacles just like the example. But my daughter protested and said that an octopus has 8 tentacles, or 4 pair of arms, according to wikipedia. so, I cut again each tentacle into 2. Now, it has 8... :)

This bread was moist, the taste was very nice but just a bit oily, maybe because of the flaxseed . My children liked it. They thought that the shape was cute and the spotty appearance was interesting.