Saturday, 29 December 2012

Kue Satru Tepung Ketan

This is another traditional cookies. People around Boja district at Kendal, near my house, usually make it for a celebration, such as Eid El Fitr or Christmas. They do not familiar with nastar, kastengel or gingerbread cookies in festive season but this.

It is such a simple cookie. We need only 3 ingredients to make it : glutinous rice, coconut sugar, and air kapur sirih (lime stone water?). Besides, we don't need an oven or steamer, because it is cooked by the sun. Interesting, right?

By reading the ingredients we can predict how this cookie is: firm, grainy and sweet. We need some really good teeth to eat it, far different with buttery modern cookies :)


1 kg glutinous rice
1 kg good quality coconut sugar, finely chopped
Lime stone water (air kapur sirih)


Place glutinous rice on a big bowl. Pour in cold water and wash it. Drain and repeat again 2 or 3 times until the water comes clear. Drain well.
Splash the lime stone water and mix well. 
Grind until it becomes flour. (Usually people bring it to the miller at the market)
Toast the flour on a wok until dry.
Combine the flour with coconut sugar, knead well.
Put the mixture on a kue satu mold. Press with your thumb until it is firmly packed. 
Turn the mold over and knock it to your palm to release the kue.
Place it on a big tampah (bamboo platter). 
Put the tampah on the roof (or any place with a plentiful of sun) to dry the kue on the hot sun.

I submit this entry for masak bareng yuuk Nov - des 2012, food for festive seasons




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    1. Rasanya mirip - mirip juga dengan kue satru yang kacang hijau kok mba :)