Friday, 4 January 2013

Pennylane Brownies

Happy New Year 2013

Wishing us happiness and health throughout the year 


What are your resolution?

Related to this blog, mine are:

  • Making more and more new friends.
  • Learning food photography more seriously: Yes, I have a good dslr camera and excellent lenses. But, why my photos are still at standard quality? Definitely, I am too lazy to learn! 
  • Cook more new foods. I am not an adventurer. As you can read in this blog, I didn't cook much last year because I tend to eat foods that are already familiar to me.  

Now, about the brownies...
This was my second trial making pennylane brownies. Unlike the first one, this brownies is not gluten-free, because I used wheat flour. Although that I was not satisfied but I was quite happy with this one. It was much better than before. It was more moist and a little shiny crust appeared on it ... yes, though it was only a little but still, a little was better than not at all, right? he he...

This time I reduced the baking time, from 35 minutes on the original recipe to about 25 minutes. This brownies became more moist, not as dry as before. Maybe it was also because of the flour. I found that gluten-free flour mix of rice flour and cornstarch results a dryer cake than wheat flour.

I also added the sugar to 300 gr, still less than the original recipe 360 gr. Is there any correlation between the sugar amount with the shiny crust? I'll try to use more sugar next time to see whether the shiny crust will be willing to spread widely or not... :)



  1. semoga tercapai semua keinginannya mba....saya juga pengen bisa berkarya lebih banyak dan lebih bagus tahun ini, semoga kita bisa ya..Aamiin..semangaaat :)

    1. Thanks Erikasari, foto2ku dikritik diberi masukan boleh lho...semangaaat...ganbatte!

  2. fotone wes apik mbakyu....
    dibandingkan hasil karyaku lho... :D