Saturday, 5 January 2013

Tahu Telur

I made this for our breakfast on the first day after I got home from our new year holiday. I saw the recipe for this tahu telur at mba Wulan's blog. She said that this yummy dish comes from East Java.

Tahu telur is a kind of omelet-style dish that contain cubed fried tofu (tahu) with bean sprout and peanut-petis sauce. I used some leftover fried tofu. Some people like to fried the tofu medium cooked but some directly put it in the batter without frying. To adjust to my Javanese tongue, I added a little palm sugar to the sauce. We can eat it with warm rice or on its own. Yum...


2 small firm tofu
2 eggs
Salt and pepper
Oil for frying
Bean Sprout, trimmed and blanched
Celery, finely chopped
1 red chili, chopped

For the sauce:
3 garlics
4 red chilies
2 tbs peanuts, fried
(I added 1 tbs palm sugar)
1 tbs petis udang/dark shrimp paste
Sweet soy sauce


For the omelet:
Cut tofu into cube (Fry tofu medium cooked before, if you like). 
Beat the eggs, salt and pepper with a fork.
Add in cubed tofu. Mix well.
Heat oil on a wok. Fry the egg mixture. When its underside starts to firm and golden brown, flip carefully and continue to cook until done.

For the sauce:
Grind garlic, salt, and chilies. Add the peanuts and palm sugar. Grind until paste-like. Add the petis udang. Mix well. Transfer to a bowl. Pour enough water until it get the consistency you like. Add sweet soy sauce. Mix well. Taste to your liking.

Place the omelet on a plate. Add the bean sprout, celery and red chilies on its top. Pour the sauce over it.