Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Rujak Pepaya

The 8th challenge from idfb, an Indonesian foodblogger group at facebook, is rujak. It is Indonesian fruit salad with spicy sauce. I am a fan of rujak, so tasteful, a nice combination of sweet, sour and spicy. I love to eat cold rujak at the hot days, very nice and so refreshing. In fact, I am so surprise that I do not have any post about rujak in this blog because I often eat it and it is so easy and simple to make. 

Well, I'll try to post some rujak that I know then. Start with this easy rujak pepaya from  sajian sedap. The sauce is only made of chili, salt, sugar and lime water. Simple, right? If you can access young unripe mango, it is a good substitution for the fruits to be rujak mangga.


200 gr papaya
150 gr pineapple
100 gr young coconut
4 tsp lime water (I used as many from 1 lime)
100 gr sugar (adjust to your liking)
400 ml water
3 bird's eye chilies (as many as you like)
1/2 tsp salt


Peel the fruits. Shred the papaya and young coconut, cut the pineapple into matchstick. Combine them in a big bowl.
Grind chilies and salt. Transfer to a saucepan, pour in water and boil until fragrant. Add the sugar, cook until the sugar dissolve. Remove and let it cool slightly. Pour in the lime water. Mix well. 
Pour the sauce over the fruit. Mix well.
Enjoy cold ...

So, this is my entry for Indonesian Foodblogger challenge#8
The Rujak


  1. waaahh...lgsg ngeceess Mbak...kebayang segeernya ^^

    1. He he...bulan ini pasti bumil ngences berat ya, banyak rujak bertebaran... ^^

    2. iyaa Mbak....beneerrr....tiap ngeliat postingan rujak langsung pengeen....sayang disini musim dingin, dan agak susah utk cari buah yg bisa dirujak, adanya nanas sama timun....belum berani makan nanas tempo hr udah tergoda beli :D

    3. iya di sini juga aku ga nemu2 mangga muda makanya setornya pepaya he he...pake timun tok kayaknya enak juga lho ummu ^^