Sunday, 23 June 2013

Bingka Ubi Kayu aka Bingka singkong

I first saw the recipe for this bingka ubi (baked cassava cake) in just try and taste blog when I was googling for cassava recipe. I directly bookmarked it and finally could try it last week when I luckily got yellow cassava from my veggie seller (it is very rare here).  Using yellow cassava will make this bingka beautifully yellow without food coloring. 

This bingka is easy to make. The only thing to be worried is grating the cassava. It was really a good arm exercise. Though mba Endang from Just try and taste processed it in a blender but I prefered the traditional way, grated it using a coconut grater. This bingka turned out so nice, sweet and soft. I never regret to bake one recipe (not a half as usual) because this keep in fridge well for days. I used a round 22 cm silicone baking tin, so it is shorter than the original wendy inkk's one that used a 20 cm one. I didn't make any change to the recipe, only added pandan leaves when boiling sugar to get nicer aroma. After baking for 1 hour my bingka was still golden pale. I baked again for 15 minutes but it was still not brown. Then I decided to take it out and stop baking to prevent it from drying. Next time maybe I will bake it at higher temperature to get the brown crust.


250 ml water
200 gr sugar
2 pandan leaves (my addition)
40 gr margarine
2 eggs
200 ml coconut milk
900 gr yellow cassava, peeled and grated (from 1.2 kg cassava)


Peel and grate cassava in a big bowl. Set aside.
Preheat oven. Grease and line the baking pan.
Combine egg and coconut milk. set aside.
Boil water, sugar and pandan leaves until the sugar dissolved. Melt in margarine. Discard the leaves.
Pour it hot into grated cassava and stir to combine.
Pour egg mixture into cassava mixture. Stir well.
Pour it into the prepared pan and bake until golden brown for about 1 hour at 170 C.
Let it completely cool before slicing it to prevent it from sticking to the knife.


  1. arkhhh menggodaaaaa!
    apalagi kalo disajiakn dingin kali yah, kenyel-kenyel gitu...

    1. Beneeer mba, sebenernya sih bisa di rebake sebentar untuk menghangatkan, tapi kemarin aku langsung makan aja yg dari kulkas dingin2, tetep enaaak :)

  2. salam anna...rajinnya anna parut ubi yea....klo rjin dia yg untung kan..dpt makan bingka sedapp!

    1. Langsung hilang semua capek karna parut ubi setelah merasakan sedapnya bingka ni kak ummi...
      thanks ya dah mampir :)