Sunday, 23 June 2013

Singkong thailand and Singkong Boja

When I was a kid, my mom liked to boil cassava (singkong) in a thin coconut milk with salt and bay leaf. It made a savory cassava. I like it very much and always think that the coconut milk will best pair with salt to be a savory dishes.  I never knew that cassava can be boiled in coconut milk but taste sweet as what ncc-indonesia made and called it singkong Thailand. Curiously, some days ago I made half of the recipe. But silly me, I forget to divide the maizena in half, that made my sauce became thicker than the original recipe. It tasted good though it was too sweet to me.

When I made this, my assistant who came from Boja district at Kendal, near my house, told me that people in her region will boil cassava with grated coconut and palm sugar instead. Curios again, I asked her to make it for me. She didn't use any measurement, just put the ingredients in a pan and adjust the taste by adding this or that. Honestly, It tasted strange to me. It was good, I liked the sweet and aroma of the palm sugar but still I will vote for the savory one.

Singkong Thailand


500 gr cassava
200 ml water
200 gr sugar
1/2 tsp salt
200 ml coconut milk
1 tbs maizena dissolve in a little water


Boil cassava in water until cook through and tender.
Ad sugar and continue cooking until the sugar dissolve.
Add in coconut milk. Bring to a boil.
Pour in maizena mixture. Stir until it thicken and cook through.
Remove from the heat. Enjoy warm.

Singkong Boja


Palm sugar, finely sliced
Grated coconut


Boil cassava in water and salt until tender.
Add in palm sugar. Cook until the sugar dissolve.
Place grated coconut in a bowl. Pour in water. Squish it a little bit.
Pour the coconut mixture to the pan. Cook until the water reduce a bit and the cassava are tender.


  1. kalo singkong thailand udah pernah bikin, singkong boja ama yang diceritain mbak Dina itu yang asin, belum pernah....kayaknya seru ya yang asin itu...^^

    1. he he, itu aku aja sih yg bikin nama singkong boja mba, khas boja khan...mungkin kalo di googling ga bakalan ada... kalo yg ibuku bikin itu sih kayak singkong rebus biasa cuman rasanya gurih dan harum daun salam...enak deh ^^