Saturday, 15 June 2013

Roti Singkong (Cassava Bread)

This was my second roti singkong. The first one was about a month ago. I used roti kentang recipe at that time but substitute the potato with cassava. It turned out not bad actually, rose well and soft, but it was a bit chewy and very satisfying. We could only eat one, no more... I thought that maybe it was because the cassava and potato have different texture. Maybe, in bread making especially, cassava and potato were not an equal substitution.  

So, this time I reduced the amount of cassava. I also added water while mashing the cassava until it was smooth like a paste. And it worked. This cassava bread was so so much better than before. It rose higher, softer and not chewy anymore. I added cocoa powder to some part of the dough and formed it into flower and pull-apart shape. I got the idea of the flower from mba Hesti's blog but mine was turned out not as pretty as hers. The dough was sticky make it a bit hard to be handled.

I made this bread as the snack for my children when they did the rehearsal for the akhirussanah (graduation ceremony) at their school yesterday. Iban, my son, finished his TK (kindergarten) this year and will go to SD (elementary school) next July. Congratulation Iban. We are so proud of you. 

Unfortunately, it seemed that yesterday was not my lucky day to shoot. I couldn't get good photos, both the bread and the rehearsal activity. The time was so tight, the room where the rehearsal took place was a bit gloomy and the bread disappear so quick to our mouths... :) Whatever it is, we enjoy the bread and the rehearsal so much. Hope I will get better photos at the show time.


2 tsp instant yeast
50 ml warm water
150 gr steamed cassava
350 gr bread flour
150 gr all purpose flour
100 ml cold water
1 egg
1 egg yolk
75 gr sugar
20 gr milk powder
1/2 tsp salt
3 tbs oil (or 50 - 75 gr butter/margarine if you like)

1 tbs cocoa powder dissolve in 1 tbs hot water

chocolate rice
milk for brushing

Erin and Iban are doing rehearsal for the graduation ceremony.

Iban is holding his cassava bread on his hand with his best friend, Athallah.

  • Dissolve yeast in 50 ml warm water. Set aside.
  • Mash steamed cassava with a little water until it forms a soft paste.
  • Combine mashed cassava, flour, milk powder, sugar, and egg with a wooden spoon.
  • When the yeast is already frothy, pour it into the mixture.
  • Pour the remaining cold water little by little (we may not use all the water, just as needed) and knead until all are well blended. We can use the mixer with the dough hook or just our hands.
  • Add oil (or margarine/butter if you like) and salt and knead again until the dough is elastic. 
  • Take 1/4 part of the dough. Combine with cocoa mixture. Knead until well blended.
  • Round each of the dough into big ball and put them in the two different greased big bowls. Cover with cling wrap or damp tea towel and let rise until double in size for about 60 minutes or so.
  • Punch the dough. Knead again briefly.
  • For flower shape: Cut the white and chocolate dough into 25 gr each, roll it into an ball shapes. Flatten the white dough. Put the chocolate dough in the middle and roll it again until all the chocolate dough is covered by the white one. Flatten it, make some incisions and twist it to form a flower. Place it on a greased baking pan.  
  • For pull apart shape: Cut the white dough into 20 gr and chocolate dough into 10 gr, roll it into an ball shapes. Flatten both dough. Put the chocolate dough on top of the white one and sprinkle chocolate rice over it. Roll it into an oval shape. Place it on a greased loaf tin.  
  • Cover and let rise again for another 60 minutes or so.
  • Heat the oven. Brush the bread with milk. Bake until golden brown.



  1. uniiikkk.... terlihat lembut banget..
    kakak iban cakep deeeh....^^

    1. Thank you mba Ayudiah... seneng deh, akhirnya beneran bisa lembut dan ga berat, anak2 juga suka :)