Monday, 13 May 2013

Black Glutinous Rice Steamed Cake

It is really annoying when the internet connection is down. For me who is just a super beginner in the kitchen, I rely fully on the internet to find recipes or idea what to cook. Just like that day, I needed to make black glutinous rice cake but I couldn't browse anything. What should I do? Calm down Anna ... couldn't get a new recipe, just used the old one then...

From the same recipe of putu ayu ketan hitam, I skipped the coconut layer and  poured the batter into a round 18 cm baking tin instead of putu ayu molds. Simpler and faster, right? The batter was a bit thin so that the cake became dense, but still moist. It was sweet and tasty with a unique gritty texture. It's kind of  eating bubur ketan hitam in the form of a cake. My sister loves the colour and the texture but my boy find it unappetizing. What about you?