Thursday, 23 May 2013

Tahu Gunting

Just like tahu telur, this tahu gunting or also known as tahu tek is very popular in East Java. It is a dish that contain fried tofu (tahu), beansprout, cucumber and rice cake (lontong) with peanut-petis sauce. The tofu is cut using a scissor (gunting) rather than a knife. That's why it is called tahu gunting.

Tahu gunting
By Seri Masak Femina Primarasa via Mlebu Pawon

4 firm tofu
100 gr bean sprout, trimmed
1 cucumber
2 - 3 stalks Asian celery

for sauce:
4 garilcs
3 chilies
2 tsp palm sugar
1 tbs peanuts, fried
2 tbs petis udang/dark shrimp paste
2 tbs sweet soy sauce
75 ml water
1 tsp vinegar 5% (I didn't use it)
1/4 tsp salt


Heat oil on a wok. Fry the tofu until golden brown (marinade with garlic, coriander and salt if you like). Drain and cut cube.
Place bean sprout on a bowl. Pour in hot boiling water. Simmer for 5 minutes. Remove and drain.
Peel the cucumber (I didn't do that to add green colour on the dish), discard the seed and chopped.
Wash the celery and finely chopped.

for sauce: Grind garlic, chilies, palm sugar and peanuts until fine. Add petis, water and sweet soy sauce. Mix well. Add the vinegar. Mix well. Taste with salt if necessary.
Serving: Slice ketupat/lontong, place on a plate. Top with the fried tofu, bean sprout, and cucumber. Pour the sauce. Garnish with celery and kerupuk.


  1. huaaaa sedaaap di bandung blm pernah nemu:(

    1. he he di Semarang juga sepertinya susah mba, ini kebetulan nyoba bikin sendiri kok beneran suka...alternatif kalo lagi males nasi :)

  2. waah....enaaak kayaknya nih Mbak....mauuuu ^^