Friday, 31 May 2013

Bakwan jagung jamur

Bakwan jagung or corn fritter is one of our favourites. 
I usually make it without measurement. 
Just combine all the ingredients:

flours (all purpose and a little bit rice flour), 
corn kernel, 
grated carrot, 
finely sliced spring onion,
salt and pepper. 

Then, fry it until golden brown. 

Sometimes I like it thin and crispy but other time I prefer it soft and fluffy.
One thing for sure, eat them hot with chili and a cup of tea...

This time I sneak oyster mushroom to the batter. 
Nothing change. 
My children still gobble them all up. 


I am submitting this post to little thumbs up event this month, organised by Zoe of bake for happy kids, Mui mui of my little favourites DIY, and Joyce of kitchen flavour.