Monday, 13 May 2013

One ingredient banana "ice cream"

One afternoon I handed a cup of this 'ice cream' to Rachel, my daughter.
"What's this, mom?" She asked.
"Ice cream" I answered with smile.
She popped a spoonful to her mouth and said,
"It tastes banana, it smells banana, it has the colour of banana"
"Of course, it is banana ice cream, made only of banana" I replied.
"Only banana? no other things?"
She took another spoonful and sip it slowly, tried to taste it more carefully.
"Well...?" I asked
"It is soft and creamy like ice cream"
"I like it"

We can find this 'ice cream' recipe in lots of food blogs. It is damn easy to make this "ice cream'. We only need to cut the ripe bananas into small pieces and freeze it. After a couple hours or so, put the frozen bananas in a food processor then blend and blend and blend again on high until they turn out creamy like ice cream. Eat immediately before it melt.

My daughter might find it interesting but my boy did not. He thought that it was too banana-y, like just a mushy cold banana. Though I added a dash of cocoa powder on the second batch and turned it into chocolate banana "ice cream". He still said no. 

Do try it to know whether you are agree with my daugher or my boy...