Saturday, 28 July 2012

Cantik manis

Have some left over sagoo pearl from bubur sagu mutiara? Transform it into cantik manis. It is an Indonesian kue (snack) made of sagoo pearl and hunkwe (mung bean flour). Traditionally this easy-to-make kue is wrapped in banana leaves or plastic wrapper, but this time I used jelly mould.

Cooked sagoo pearl
1/2 packet of hunkwe flour (mung bean flour)
1/2 liter coconut milk
75 gr sugar
2 pandan leaves
pinch of salt

Dissolve the hunkwe flour in some part of coconut milk.
Boil the rest of the coconut milk with sugar, pandan leaves and salt until the sugar dissolved. Pour in the hunkwe mixture. Stir it constantly until it thickens and smooth. Remove from the heat. Discard the pandan leaves.
Pour in the sagoo pearl. Mix well.
Pour it into jelly mould. Leave to cool.

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