Saturday, 14 July 2012

Property hunting: Pasar Johar Semarang

Wanna know where I buy most of the things  I need for my cooking and food photography? Here it is: 
Pasar Johar Semarang

Pasar Johar is a very old traditional market in Semarang. It was designed by a dutch architect Thomas Karsten more than a century ago. We can say that it is a heritage landmark of Semarang.

It is a big market. We can find almost everything we need here. You name it: fresh fruits, vegetables, snacks, clothes, shoes, bags, jewellery, glasses, books and stationeries, toys, even wedding souvenirs. And also things the reason why I came here some days ago, the most interesting thing to me recently: kitchenware... just like the pictures below:

If you are in semarang and have the same passion with me about kitchenware, please come to this market. It is like a heaven...^^ That day I came around 10 o'clock in the morning. I parked my car in ex matahari mall johar car park right in front of pasar johar. I crossed the street, came inside the market, passed those sellers I mentioned above, and went upstairs. There, in the second storey of pasar johar, we could find a lot of stalls selling almost all of your kitchen needs: pots, pans, dishes, cutlery, knives, moulds or pans for any traditional kue, baking pans and sheets, cookie cutters, even oven tangkring and electrical appliances.

So, what did I buy that day? 
Many things for sure...^^  Here are some of them:
a 20 cm martabak manis pan Rp. 80.000
a 20 cm round mini kue lumpur pan Rp. 60.000
an egg roll pan Rp. 22.000
cendol strainer Rp. 7000
small chiffon cake pan (...hey mba wulan sucipto, I can bake a chiffon now...^^ )
some moulds for bolu kukus
some cutlery

Gosh, I almost couldn't stop picking things....
Enjoy shopping!

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