Saturday, 14 July 2012

Es campur siwalan

After I got the kitchenware I need, I went downstairs and turned left to the fresh fruits area of pasar johar. The first fruit catching my eyes was siwalan or buah lontar. It is a local name for a type of palm tree grown in East Java and Nusa Tenggara. For more information about siwalan, please see wikipedia.

Without thinking twice I bought it. The young siwalan is sold in its skin. It looks like mini young coconut, with thin flesh and water inside. While the 'older' one is sold already peeled. It will look and taste like kolang kaling.  

Drawn in my mind a glass of cold es campur with this siwalan. Es campur is a favourite drink in Indonesia. There is no exact recipe for this drink. The choice of the ingredients is subject to personal preferences. That's why if you type the word es campur in google, you will find many different recipes. Such an interesting thing, right? You can taste different es campur in every places. As long as it is cold and sweet, it is a favourite...^^

selasih (basil seeds), soaked in cold water
ice cubes
cocopandan syrup
sweet condensed milk

Cut siwalan, jack fruits, avocado into small cubes.
You can serve it in a glass individually, pour in some cocopandan syrup. 
Add a small portion of siwalan, jack fruit, avocado and selasih. 
Pour in enough water.
Add ice cubes or ice shaved.
Drizzle with sweet condensed milk.
Or, serve it in a big bowl, just throw in everything,
Mix well. 


  1. Sudah lama nggak makan siwalan, kangen banget! just love the idea to add it into es campur!

  2. iya mba Ira, makanya begitu liat ada siwalan langsung deh aku beli tanpa pikir panjang...
    thanks for visiting my blog..^^