Sunday, 22 July 2012

Bubur sagu mutiara with fresh coconut sauce

Rachel, my daughter, is turning 8 this year. She told me that she wanted to try to do fasting this ramadhan. Ah, how happy and relieve I am. She will do this fasting with her own niat, without any push from me or anyone else. May Allah will always bless and help her. Aamien...
To support her, I let her choose any food that she want for the iftar (meal to break the fasting). And for this very first iftar she like to have bubur sagu mutiara, her favourite snack ever...^^
I have made  this bubur before. But for today I served it with fresh, uncooked, coconut sauce.

For bubur:
125 gr sagoo pearl
50 gr sugar
2 pandan leaves
250 ml water

For sauce:
freshly grated coconut from 1/4 coconut
250 ml warm drinking/boiled water
pinch of salt

For bubur: 
Soak sagoo pearl in water for at least 2 hours. Drain. 
Place all ingredients for bubur in a saucepan. Cook while stirring constantly until it thickens  and the sagoo pearl becomes translucent. Remove and let it cool.

For sauce:
Make fresh coconut sauce just before the serving time by mixing and squeezing freshly grated coconut with warm drinking water. Sprinkle the salt and mix well.

Put the bubur in a bowl. Pour in the sauce. Eat immediately while the sauce is still fresh.


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    1. Dear Layse,

      Thanks for your appreciation to my photos,
      I don't know whether I can help you or not, because as far as I know Maluku people eat fresh sago, sago plates and sago ball, not sago mutiara like this. The sago mutiara are popular in Java but not in Maluku. So, perhaps this bubur sagu mutiara recipe and photos will not really represent the culinary treasure of Maluku.


  2. yummy! It is so delicious and sweet. When can you make it again?