Monday 29 October 2012

Arrowroot cookies

Milk arrowroot biscuit from Arnotts was my children's favourite biscuit (or cookie if you speak US English) when we lived in Australia. But I haven't found it yet in the store here. That's why when I saw arrowroot flour or tepung garut/larut in Bahasa Indonesia at the supermarket, I grab it without thinking twice. 
From many recipes I chose this one from the perfect pantry because it used only arrowroot flour (without wheat flour). This cookie is crunchy yet melt in your mouth. My children loves it although that it is not the same with the arnott's one ^^ 

Wednesday 24 October 2012

Donat dan roti kentang (potato doughnut and bread)

Whoaa...I haven't post this entry yet. What a shame, it should be around June or July, before  the pumpkin donut entry. Because the pumpkin donut is a variation of this recipe. I realized about this late entry when my children wanted to make this potato donut again and search the recipe here.
'Mom, where is the donut recipe?' Rachel, my oldest daughter asked me
'There, under the donut label' I answered
'No mom, there are only pumpkin, tape, and ubi ungu...I mean the potato donut'
'Let me check, I am sure I already write it long long time ago'
And it's was not here. I then checked all the entry and found it, still in a draft...oh my!
So, I posted this entry today... the Wied Harry's potato donut recipe. I doubled the recipe but fried half of it for the donut and bake another half for bread ^^

Thursday 18 October 2012

Cake kukus ketan hitam putih telur (Egg white & black glutinous rice steamed cake)

This was my first time dealing with black glutinous rice flour. I became interested in this flour after Ummu fatima posted about black glutinous rice flour cake again, again and again. It was so tempting. She also said that it was her family's favorite and always disappeared in no time. Was it that good? hmmmm ...*so curious*