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Three things new...I hope you like them

20 February 2012
Now I Go To School...

Normally I would go to school at 09:00am to 03:00 pm when I was in Australia, but life changed for me now. I wake up at 05:00am. Now that I wake so early, I get too tired to take a bath. I have breakfast at 05:30am. which makes me think of break. I really miss my usual life, but it started to drift away... but  I am happy that I am home. Now I go to a different school and have lots of friends. I even have a teacher friend... Wow,that's cool. I now learn spelling bee and Qiro'ati too. I even learn Bahasa Jawa. Now isn't that entertaining? I don't bother not going into the teacher's room... I am allowed to. My teacher friend has 4 models built Summer, autumn, winter and  spring. They are really cool. I now really like my school. A new memory of how me and my friend met: I was waiting for my last task, then "HI!" filled the air and my friend bounced into the room. He introduced himself to me and I started to tell him all about my neighborhood. "I am your friend too", he said.

21 January 2012

Dear Mom,
I hope you had a
really nice time
in Australia.
any way,
love You!
this is a poem for you:
You are as fresh as daisy
and sweet as honey 
You are pretty too
and I love You...


25 December 2011

Everything is a part of Nature

Red red roses growing in the garden
White white clouds swimming through the sky
Tall tall trees swaying through the breeze
Ten leaves flutter from the tree
Everything is a part of nature
the sea, the sky, the land
and even you...
Everything is a part of nature
the sea, the sky, the land
and even you...

Three things old...I hope you like them

Me in Australia...
I had so much fun in Australia. I didn't bother nothing but my newest toys, although I don't want to get new toys often.

Me starting school in Australia!
I was not nervous starting school in Australia. I had a lot of fun. Turned out I had lots of friends.

Quaka Quaka...
I learned that a Quaka makes the sound......................................Quaka Quaka Quaka Quaka!
Three photos...I hope you like them
                                                            Me And My Friends Are Playing Altogether


  1. Nice poem Rachel, we miss you a lot. Don't forget to visit us one day, you still have our house as yours, everytime you come back to Perth.

  2. thanks tante wulan.we all miss you too!