Wednesday 31 July 2013

Mie Titi

Another interesting noodle to try is mie titi. It is a popular and favorit noodle in Makassar, South Sulawesi. Actually mie titi is similar to ifumi, the dried noodle that is boiled then fried until crunchy and served with meat, seafood and vegetable thick sauce. Only that mie titi uses a special noodle that is thinner and yellower. Mba Hesti said that the special noodle is only available in Makassar, then I think we can substitute for the regular dried noodle to try this at home.

Mie titi is actually the name of a noodle restaurant not the dish itself. Travel kompas said that we can find the very same mie in other restaurants around Makassar, like mie Henky or mie Awa. And they are all good in taste and demand. Wikipedia said that the story of mie titi start when,

"Ang Kho Tjao opened his noodle shop to sell his dried noodle and it gaining popularity in Makassar since early 70s. Ang Kho Tjao passed his knowledge of the recipe to his three children namely Hengky, Awa', and Titi. After Ang Kho Tjao died, dried noodle shop business was continued by his three children who separately opened their own shop. Titi's is the most popular in Makassar, hence the name of "Mie Titi" become synonymous with Makassar dried noodle".

The best part of this dish for my children is of course the crunchy noodle (it remind me of anak mas when I was a kid... he he ).  Unfortunately, the sauce made it soggy after some times. So, it's better to eat it immediately when the sauce is still hot and the noodle is still crunchy. Yum...

Mie Koclok Cirebon

Idfb challenge 11 is about mie nusantara. Oh, who doesn't love mie (noodle)? I shouldn't miss it! I cook mie (noodle) quite often. But usually it is only mie goreng Jawa (Javanese fried noodle). Yes, that's because my children love fried noodle a lot. But, this time, due to this challenge, I should try something else. How about mie that is not fried?

Mie koclok cirebon is one of mie recipes that I wanted to try for so long. It got its name because the noodle is being shaken (koclok in Javanese language) in boiling water prior to be served. The kuah (sauce) is thick and tasty due to the coconut milk and corn flour. I got the basic recipe from mba wulan's site. It's a good a try dish, really tasty, but still cannot beat the  Javanese fried noodle to my children :)

Thursday 4 July 2013

Brownies Ubi (Sweet potato brownies)

Bye bye singkong, welcome ubi jalar...

This brownies was moist, sweet and chocolate-y. We could not trace the taste of the sweet potato. It covered perfectly by the chocolate. Could you see the white stud in the brownies. Yes, that's the sweet potato chunks actually not nuts. I didn't know why, but I could not combine the sweet potato well when I beat it with egg and sugar mixture. Maybe next time I will combine it with the chocolate instead.

Donat Singkong (Cassava Doughnut)

This doughnut was the last dish from my yellow cassava series these 2 weeks. Soft and less chewy, just as good as other doughnuts I ever made.