Friday 30 November 2012

Gulai ikan patin

Yesterday the veggie seller came to my house bringing ikan patin (pangasius). Aha! I already read recipes about ikan patin at sajian sedap. There are at least 3 recipes I got: asam pedas ikan patin, gulai ikan patin, and gulai tempoyak ikan patin. They are all sounds good. I didn't know whether idfb accept asam pedas or not, is asam pedas a gulai/curry?... I also couldn't get the tempoyak. Then, gulai ikan patin was the one!

Thursday 29 November 2012

Purple sweet potato upside down steamed cake

Yesterday was my third time buying purple sweet potato from the veggie seller. Unlike before, this time I got sweet potato that not purple all around. It has white part in the centre. I don't know anything about sweet potato, I guess it just another variant of purple sweet potato from the one I usually bought. 

While slicing, I kept staring at that nice pattern of the steamed sweet potato. Aha, maybe it will be pretty in upside down cake...don't you think? Lucky me, someone has already made it before, the upside down purple sweet potato cake. I found the recipe at ipoek masak. Ha, it will be easier for me then...Thanks mba Ipuk^^  

I did several changes to this cake. First, I steamed it instead of baked it. I used rice flour instead of wheat flour to make it a gluten free cake. I also omitted the baking powder and emulsifier. It was still nice and moist...with a strong sweet potato taste.

Wednesday 28 November 2012

Corn & cheese poffertjes

It was early morning, before shubuh time, the first Friday of this month. I didn't have anything for my children's snackboxes. There were nothing interesting in the fridge, except 2 cob of corns. Then, as usual I goggled to find a recipe using the corns. I found one at sajian sedap, corn and cheese poffertjes, sounds yummy right?

Sssst... I posted this poffertjes after my friend Ayudiah keep posting her poffertjes again and again. She remained me of this foto and make me drooling ... ^^

Gulai cubadak

I usually cook young jackfruit (or nangka in Bahasa Indonesia or cubadak in West Sumatra) for lodeh (coconut milk soup) or megono (young jackfruit steamed with grated coconut). But some days ago my friends Rosdaniar and Pepy suggested me to try it in gulai (cooked in curry-like sauce). Pepy has the recipe in her blog, Indonesiaeats. Iam happy to try her recipe because she used shrimp instead of beef. I am not a big fans of beef. So, if there is a choice, I prefer seafood than beef. This gulai was very good, perfect to eat with lontong. Thanks Pep ^^ (If you want the recipe please go to her blog).

Actually I made this for the idfb challenge 7. But before I posted this entry, some other friends already posted about this as well. So, what should I do now? Keep submitting this entry or try to cook another gulai/curry? 

Still 2 days to go...let's see what can I do...

Tuesday 27 November 2012

Jadah tempe

Jadah tempe is a traditional yet very popular food from Kaliurang district in Yogyakarta. It is 2 foods, jadah (steamed glutinous rice and coconut cake) and tempe bacem (tempe cooked in palm sugar spice) that is served together. The taste is very unique, savoury from the jadah and sweet from the tempe is combined in harmony at one bite.

Friday 23 November 2012

Roti wortel (Carrot yeast bread)

When I heard that one of the prizes for Idfb challenge 7 is a set of Ikea Kalas, I then remembered that I have some photos using those lovely dishes that haven't been posted here.  There they are, some of them, I used them in the roti wortel photo shoot.
I bought those dishes at Ikea Perth and they became my children's favorite ever since. So, when I went back home to Indonesia, I brought them with me. They are lovely, aren't they? So, if you, the Indonesian foodblogger group members, want to have them, please join the idfb challenge 7.  Who knows, now is your lucky time...*finger cross*

Wednesday 21 November 2012

Kue ku kentang labu kuning (Potato and pumpkin ku kuih)

This kue ku was the result of googling after I tried the kue ku labu kuning early this month. I found that it was so difficult to release the kue ku from the mold although that I already pour (more than dust ^^) the mold with flour. I must miss something. Because if it is that hard, then no one will want to make and sell kue ku, right?
I added potato and coconut milk to the dough, but still, no change (Unless that it surely became softer and tastier than before). It was still uneasy to knock it out the mold. Then, I greased the mold with oil. Voila! It worked! The kue ku fell to my palm with only one knock...Yes!!!  oil is, then, the answer.

Roti kentang keju (potato cheese bread)

Happy with the potato doughnut, I then baked this potato bread from the same recipe. I just reduced 1 egg yolk and 25 ml oil but add 50 ml warm water. The result was also very satisfying. Perfect to be in the school lunchboxes. My children love it...^^

Friday 16 November 2012

Carrot and cheese steamed cake

Originally this cake is called putu ayu keju wortel. I found this recipe in Wied Harry's book '60 snack favorit bekal sekolah 3 bulan'. Putu ayu is an Indonesian traditional steamed cupcake with grated coconut on its top. That's way my daughter didn't want to call this cake putu ayu because there was no coconut there...the writer substituted the grated coconut with grated carrot, but still it was not the same. For her, this cake was just carrot and cheese steamed cake...a putu ayu should have coconut, she said...whatever! the most important thing to me is that she ate them all (I gave her 3 cakes) at recess time ^^ 

potato doughnut, again!

It is always a favorite, a soft potato doughnut. Never get bored to eat it more and more and more ...
This was a modification of the donat kentang recipe I have tried before. I used egg yolks only instead of the whole egg and added milk powder. It was much much much better, softer and tastier ... Love it!

Thursday 1 November 2012

Kue ku labu kuning (Pumpkin ku kuih)

Finally, I made kue ku (or ku kuih), a traditional kue in tortoise shell shape that made of glutinous rice flour and sweet mung bean paste filling. I already have the plastic kue ku mold for so long but never have time to use it because I do not have the food red colouring. After succesfully colouring the klepon labu kuning yellow with the pumpkin, thought in my mind to make yellow kue ku as well ...^^