Saturday 25 April 2015

Kue Pukis Kacang Hijau

Some days ago, I bought a small packet (about 250 gr) of skin-removed mung bean without knowing exactly what will I do with them. I just followed my feeling to buy it. Then, at home, I washed them and soaked them in hot water for about, maybe, 3 hours or so. After that, I steamed them. When they are cooked, they became 600 gr. I stored them in an airtight container and put them in the fridge for later usage.

Then, I found this kue pukis recipe in Sajian Sedap website. Though I do not have kue pukis molds, I just wanted to try it. Since my daughter really love kue pukis, I thought it would be good to sneak mung bean in her favorite snack, right? Let's use mini kue lumpur molds. Hope it works.

It turned out so good. The texture was just like regular kue pukis, soft and fluffy, menul-menul in javanese. But the taste of the mung bean was so strong. Despite, my daughter gobbled them up without complaining. That's relieved me. Now, I am really thinking of buying kue pukis molds. 

Kue Pukis Kacang Hijau

100 gr kacang hijau kupas, rendam kukus haluskan, timbang 300 gr
100 ml santan untuk memblender kacang hijau (tambahan dari saya)
75 ml air hangat
1/2 sdm ragi instan (saya pakai 5 gr)
1/2 sdt gula pasir
3 telur
100 gr gula pasir
1/4 sdt garam
200 gr terigu
175 ml santan hangat dari 1/4 butir kelapa
50 gr kismis untuk taburan (saya pakai meises)

Cara Pengolahan:

Larutkan ragi dan gula dalam air hangat. Diamkan 15 menit.
Kocok telur, gula dan garam sampai mengembang. Masukkan kacang hijau halus. Kocok rata.
Tambahkan tepung terigu sambil diayak. Aduk rata. (saya: bergantian dengan santan)
Tambahkan larutan ragi. Aduk rata.
(Saji: Tuang santan hangat sedikit-sedikit sambil diaduk rata).
Diamkan 30 menit.
Panaskan cetakan pukis. Olesi dengan minyak. Tuang adonan dicetakan pukis.
Biarkan setengah matang. Tabur kismis. 
Tutup dan biarkan matang.

Kue Pukis kacang HIjau

100 gr dehulled mung bean, soak & steam & mashed, weighed 300 gr
100 ml coconut milk for blending the mung bean (my addition)
75 ml warm water
1/2 tbs instant yeast (I used 5 gr)
1/2 tsp sugar
3 eggs
100 gr sugar
1/4 tsp salt
200 gr all purpose flour
175 ml coconut milk from 1/4 coconut grated
50 gr raisins (I used chocolate rice)


Dissolve yeast and sugar in warm water. Set aside for 15 minute.
Beat egg, sugar and salt. Add in mashed mung bean. Beat well.
Fold in the flour while shifting. (me: alternately with coconut milk)
Pour in yeast mixture. Mix well.
(Saji: Pour in coconut milk. Mix well).
Let it rest for 30 minutes.
Heat the kue pukis molds on low. Grease with oil. 
Pour in the batter 3/4 full then put the lid on. 
When they are half done, sprinkle the raisins or chocolate rice. 
Lid on again and cook until done.

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